If this is an emergency, Dial 9-1-1

--For other assistance-- Call our dispatch number:

(216) 369-7537


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Road Incident Reports

The reports below appear in several different formats. Some forms contain multiple scene reports while others were designed for one scene per form. Please bear with us as we settle into one standardized format. Constructive criticism is always appreciated when we change Standard Operating Procedures like this!

Click on the date of incident to view the incident report in PDF format. Some may have pics or videos available to the right.

04-02 through 05-22-11 Patrol

07-24-11 Patrol

09-16-11 Patrol

09-17-11 Patrol

09-24-11 through 09-30-11

09-30-11 through 10-15-11

10-15-11 through 11-29-11 ---- Video

12-17-11 0950 Incident

12-21-11 0720 Incident --- Video

01-19-12 1500 Incident

01-19-12 1534 Incident --- Video

01-19-12 1625 Incident --- Video --- Video


Event Reports

Event reports are currently unavailable in digital format. Hard copies may be requested from the team secretary.